About AV3

Ariel Velez III was born in Allentown, PA in 1993. At the young age of 3 he was musically inclined and it was clearly evident that Ariel was called to share the message of God’s love to the lost.


Musically driven, by both his musically talented parents and church, young Ariel III’s talent began to blossom. He would begin to play drums at his church and this is where he developed an instinct for rhythm and beat.


At 13 years of age, Ariel became inspired to write songs for the Lord through rap and hip-hop. His reason was simple; he wanted to impact his peers, take them off the streets, and introduce them to a better life. He began to grow a heart for those that have been bullied as well as for those who have been unchurched, or de-churched.


Today AV3 is a motivational rapper with a goal to win youth for God, and inspire teens and young adults to serve an amazing God. AV3’s hope is that everyone who hears his music would know their worth and realize that God has greater plans for them.